• yoursfaithfully_yemi 5w


    There are drops of tears at the birth of a fellow.
    Do they mean joy or grief? His journey would tell.
    "Hooray!"here, "hooray!" there,at the news of his birth.
    He is so endearing, calling for a cuddle.
    Days so by and years flip quickly.
    He is much less cuddly and much more vulnerable.
    His eyes opened as though he bit the fruit.
    Hatred and curses replaced cuddles and kisses.
    He should have grown past crying to his origin.
    So being alone in a world of billions, he begins to understand life.
    He lives through set standards like a clueless man;
    To cry, to live, to laugh, to love, to create and to die.
    Beautiful family he begets, but all his days came worries.
    In his distress, he bore a man like himself,
    dropping a tear at the sight of this one.
    Trouble because double but had beauty on.
    So wandering and gathering explains his life.
    "Huh!" he breath his last,after knowing that life is vanity.
    The life of man speaks; "Grieve when I'm born" and so, a tear drops.