• __adyasha__ 9w


    The smell of smoke
    lead me to
    an ash grey forest.
    where an old tree
    was burnt to dust
    by the flames that
    appeared to be
    cold blue
    and not
    warm red.

    The roads were
    covered with blankets
    of dried leaves,
    that crushed beneath my feet,
    as I walked past mansions
    that were now
    piles of dusty bricks.

    Like a shadow in hiding
    I could never reveal
    any of me.

    Pushed down into a burrow of
    endless screams
    my silver eyes
    rolled down salty tears.

    While a mist engulfed me into
    a limbo of unpleasantness,
    My pale face cast a sad smile
    for, I had recognised the feeling
    of being forgotten.

    ~ Adyasha

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