• irretrievable 23w

    Be You

    Now if you were just another insipid member of the herd, you wouldn't have any of these questions.  You'd be peacefully standing in a field with millions of others, just chewing your cud and accepting your life such as it is.  BUT because you are an extremely bright, curious, questioning, creature with a highly independent streak and a pugnacious attitude, you have questions - millions of them!  But alas you will always be questioning, without necessarily coming up with any answers because many questions can never be answered. So - pros and cons, it's always about pros and cons.  All you have to do is ask yourself one question - AND THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE - what do I want to be - part of the herd, or ME. And if you decide to be YOU, then be prepared to be forever questioning, and feeling tormented by both the questions and the answers.  It's not an easy life. But something tells me you're up to the challenge.

    @Billie Ranno