• _darvince_ 9w


    Real life gets so annoying at times!!

    Doesn't it ?

    I freaking want that background music ,
    Atleast i would know what the heck is happening ,
    And I'll stop staying confused about the thoughts people are having .

    Why can't people just say the truth ?
    What are we scared of even ?
    What If all of us started being honest ?
    Everything would get so easy.

    Oh did you just believe in that !!

    Nothing would get easier,
    Instead we will have to spend so much energy dealing with everyone's feelings ,
    I'd always prefer not speaking atol.

    Being an emotional support is exhausting ,
    You can just not say anything thinking twice ,
    What would hurt them ?
    What would not ?
    We have got no idea !!

    Everyone is talking about how people with a good mental health should understand and help the one's at a bad place mentally .

    But what about the one's who are fine and are being nice and helping ,
    There is so much they are taking in and no where to take it out.

    Here's the thing stop depending on people for your mental health improvement ,
    Get some real professional help,
    And we will support you in your journey .

    We are ofcourse there to help you out as and when needed,
    But depending on us entirely is stupid ,
    You all need professional help,
    We will help you own it and support you through your journey.

    But People with good mental health are not professionals ,
    And using them as your garbage bag drains them out.

    Just get some professional help,
    Unless you want to make your friends life equally trash as yours.