• salrep_in_tap 6w

    Here we are again in square one, hahhaha
    Due to being impatience, rebellious, and disobedience. Oh welll��
    Pastor said courtship is a training ground to enter the place where a man and women can live in one house and build the love and to prosper haha i wish i use the right word there....

    But let the holy ghost work upon us
    Im really a mess right now hahahhhaha
    Though i may take awhile can be a year or two or maybe more...... I make myself ready and be in a certain date and if it is the lord's will... it will come, it will come, it will come.....
    See you later Salrep��, lets fix the things that we must fix����,
    will you trust me again one more time.....

    Tanjōbiomedetō, Salrep
    There will not be a day that im not thinking about you.....
    Te Amo...

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    DEC 13

    Let the lovely birds sleep at night
    If one may awake, dont woke the other one
    And thee go back to sleep again
    And let the light of sunrise make the first blinks of those eyes and may those lovebirds start there journey in their everlasting love