• nsoroma 22w


    When I have trodden paths
    With no regret,
    I wish to take backward steps

    To where I was a babe
    Not knowing right and wrong.
    Raising dust whiles I fling myself to the rhythms of the wind.

    The paths where ideas felt easy and tangible.
    And hard work didn't have so much clause as a cliche.

    Oh days of black and white
    These days I seem to be colour blind
    I sense opaque and detest nudes.

    Days that feels like the crest of a fountain has fallen
    But giggling keeps spirit and soul together.
    Days of hearty convos
    Where the spirit of the words are not in acronyms.

    I journey either to
    Knowing that fro is what I had in mind
    Stepping backwards so life can always be said to be in circles.