• inkallure_ 45w


    Beauty is unique
    What my mother Society cannot fathom
    A myopic parent with impractical beauty standards
    Her children's unique qualities,
    She calls imperfections

    Now my siblings and I are lost and confused
    After years of brainwashing by people who know no better
    And my mother's superficial adverts
    Ads that place light-skinned women on pedestals for us dark-skinneds to carry
    Though she still preaches to us that black is beautiful

    Mother shames my plus-sized sisters
    But claims she has no idea why they resort to anorexia and bulimia
    Society idealises skinniness
    Shamelessly she tells me to gain weight
    You see Mother is lost
    Stuck in an abyss of foreign
    Trapped in a horrid twenty-first century
    Perpetually swallowed up and spat out by waves of indecision and discrimination

    Trying to solve Society's ideal beauty equation
    Is tantamount to lunacy
    Nothing but an impractical, oxymoronic enigma

    You see Society is lost without direction