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    ☺️Hyy guys back here with a new roast ��
    Tag your frnds
    Ananya pandey fans��
    This roast is not meant to hurt
    Any ones feelings towards the actress��


    The latest bolloywood song
    Beyonse sharma jayegi
    Now infact changed to

    The net worth of Beyonce is
    US $400 million
    294,163,600 IND RUPEES

    The net worth of the Ananya pandey is
    US $ 3.2 milion
    235.3309 IND RUPEES

    1)��Ananya's net worth is not even half to
    that of Beyonce ����‍♀️I think the net
    worth of Ananya pandey is just the
    money of Beyonce .

    2) �� To the one who made the poster
    Of the song i think he doesn't even
    Know the spelling of Beyonce
    Converted "c" into "s" thats the
    biggest insult than using her name

    3)�� I think Beyonce is more beautiful than
    Ananya ? In my accordance that all the
    Power of make up ��

    4) ��Now the lyrics are changed to
    "Duniya sharma jayegi "
    To tell that in this world there are many
    Women/ girls more beautiful than her
    But thats all power of make up
    I guess the girl reading this more
    beautiful than. Ananya pandey ��

    5) ��was this "Binod " and " rasode me
    kon tha " not enough to be discused
    On that they added a new topic
    " Beyonse sharma jayegi "

    ~~ NOTE ~~

    This writing is not meant to hurt any
    ANANYA PANDEY FAN over here who is reading this and its neither made to hurt
    Your feelings toward her ☺️

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