• sharmapalak9536 25w

    Evening in Shimla

    And evening in Shimla is beautiful
    With camouflage lyrics in my ears
    People with fast steps, intentional steps
    People with slow steps, wandering steps
    Warmth of the sun like shine
    Of the shop's bulb across the cold bench
    I am sitting on, but grateful I am
    For the pressure, cells of my body had gone through
    People with fast steps and with slow steps
    Now are releasing the pressure
    And the evening in Shimla is
    Beautiful and painful
    Whenever I prayed it never arrived
    And when it did, I saw in awe
    Fog flows, mountains breath
    So silent, mysterious and white
    Cold evening came with sweet ache
    Let the water flow through
    And the evening in Shimla is