• unexpressed_void_thoughts 23w

    Uncared Disposition

    Facinated girl in the dark.
    Completely engrossed in music ignoring the dogs that bark.
    Lying on the bed staring at the ceiling.
    Aims and goals of her life that is she dreaming.
    Shabby and trivial are my dreams.
    Will I never be able to shine like the sun beams??
    Go on, On my failures laugh your head off.
    But, don't forget to feel shameful when you see me take off.
    You may say that my wishes are hypothetical,
    My ideas are insane,
    My perceptions are mundane.
    But don't forget to clap when I clip my achievements on my mane.
    My demeanor may be paltry.
    But I know that whatever it happens, my mind is blithely.
    The girl who thinks her life is a mess,
    She actually doesn't know that her ingenuity is a bless.
    If you ever see her leave,
    Know, that she has a new trick up her sleeve.