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    Poem Written for GEU Poetry Club
    Topic - Time Travel
    I've tried to keep the ending open-ended.
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    Time Machine

    I was sitting in a dark room,
    It felt nostalgic being home,
    Loud music and voiceless screams have always been my doom,
    It was a chaotic bliss being alone.

    I was thinking about the times I have been hurt,
    I was thinking about the tears unseen,
    I was thinking about the times I have inflicted hurt,
    And I started yearning to build a time machine.

    To undo the wrongs I had done,
    To subdue the guilt I had felt,
    To feel the love I had undone,
    To get rid of the demons who had dwelt.

    I somehow built a time-machine,
    And I was sailing to the past,
    But then I saw a masked man standing in between,
    He said, “The thing you have built is a vicious craft”.

    “All things happen as they should,
    There are no choices but an illusion,
    You can do what you will, but it doesn’t mean you should,
    The thought that the ability to change the past will make things better is a delusion”

    As he was about to leave,
    He unmasked himself and said, “You should know one thing”,
    It was a sight I could not believe,
    And his eyes were telling me only one thing.