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    To every mother who's reading this,

    I will be forever grateful to each one of you for being who you are.
    For putting up with the pain when you gave birth to your child.
    For sacrificing every bit of your slumber for your child.
    For not buying your favourite pair of shoes because your child wants to buy a new toy.
    For letting your teen-age daughter have the bag you have been wanting forever.
    For smiling through every tear because you have to be the pillar of strength for your child.
    For smiling through every pain because you have to strong for your child.
    For embracing every flaw your child possessed.
    For crying every time your child did.
    For feeling the pain your child felt.
    For being a mother.

    But no, my dear beautiful mothers,

    Cry when you feel like it, your children will hold you close. We will wrap our arms around you and will help you understand that you are never alone. We will show you that we can also be pillars of strength for you.

    We will be there when you need a shoulder because we love you, we always will.

    We have got your back. Always.

    Happy Mother's Day to every woman who turned into a mother,
    who's holding her child in her womb with dreams of a happy future,
    Who's reading the tiny greeting card made by her child.
    Who's holding her new born in her hands.
    Who's scribbling down a to-do list on a Sunday morning.
    Who's making an extended breakfast for her family.
    Who's laughing at the failed attempts of her husband trying to manage the kitchen.
    Who's beaming with pride at her daughter dressed as a bride.
    Who's kissing her son's forehead when he brings her breakfast on bed.
    Who's looking teary eyed at her own mother craving for the fingers that made her who is.

    And to every mother who's smiling at us down from heaven.

    And lastly, to every single father who's being the mother to his child, who's loving his child with the enormity of both a mother and a father. Who's not letting his child feel the emptiness. Who's shedding tears at his wife's memories.

    Happy Mother's Day.

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    My Angel in Disguise

    She was there,
    When I began to crawl,
    When those tiny feets wobbled,
    She held me steady before every fall.

    She was there,
    When my eyes seemed weary,
    When I writhed in pain,
    She took it away like a fairy.

    She was there,
    When I had been hurt too deep,
    When her lips would touch my forehead,
    She would put me to sleep.

    She was there,
    When I was tired of my flaws,
    When there was a sole reason for my existence,
    And she was the only cause.