• joshihina 9w

    I say stop,
    Saying no to myself,
    Now is the time to halt,
    To take a pause,
    I am not taking the agony ,the frustration ,the failures
    The myriad of poisons you are dwelling in yourself,
    I cannot let overflowing burden of yours to get smeared on me,

    I am a  novice,
    Novice of life...
    I previously thought the poison you are spilling is directed on me,
    I's personal,
    It's for me,
    In the sadness,depression and anger I asked so many question to myself,
    So many 'Whys',
    And meanwhile I was questioning I didnt realise , i sip the poison of yours into me,
    I had yours years of poison beautifully smeared  upon me.

    Now I know,
    It's not something personal,
    It's your and your very own burden you are carrying,
    Over the years of failures and broken ambition,
    The rejection you had,
    The hate projected upon you,
    And the hate you carry for yourself,

    Now I am forgiving you of all your doings,
    Not for you ,but for me,
    I don't want to carry your burden with me,
    It's troubling me,
    Like a cobweb it had been growing and growing inside me,
    Poisoning me ,
    I forgive you,
    I let myself go of this heavy burden.

    In this long life whom I am witnessing,
    If I carry a bit of the poisoned burden of everyone whom I meet then how would I bear with my life!

    Even I would be the torch bearer of your pain passing it to somebody else and the cycle would go on,
    As you would have been doing and people before you had done so,

    I am stopping myself from this crime against me and to somebody else,
    Now I forgive you and letting it go.

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    I am stopping myself,
    Stopping myself to become the torch bearer of your pain,
    The pain you are carrying unknowingly over the years of yours existence.