• atulranjan 35w

    Maybe, you’re not good enough.

    Maybe, you’re just an average, a failure or worse a talentless loser that seeks attention. Maybe, their accusations of you were right. Maybe, you were the reason why people hate you, why people decide to leave you behind. Maybe, you’re a toxic kind of friend and you’re the hindrance in everyone’s lives.

    But remember, maybe doesn’t give you any assurances in life.

    Maybe means maybe. Why don’t we just turn the table and look at this way, maybe they were right at some point, but it doesn’t mean, it is who you really are. You are completely different from what they’re thinking about you.

    Maybe you’re just an average, but remember there were average people who became successful in life. There were average people who changed the world we are living in right now. There were average people who felt the same way, but they didn’t let it stop them from fulfilling their destiny.

    Maybe you were the reason why people leave you; but remember, when people leave us, it means life is just clearing up temporary pieces so we can fill it with permanent ones. These temporary people accomplished already their role in your life so it’s time for them to move forward. They created precious memories with you to cherish on, they taught you great lessons and most importantly, they made you ready for more. Because you will be surrounded by a greater circle that will support you more along the way.

    Maybe you’re toxic enough, but it doesn’t mean you cannot be changed anymore and become somebody’s light and reason to smile. Your past is a part of your life, but it will never define who you will become. You are a work in progress; you will stumble, you will commit mistakes and even become a mess. That’s part of the growing process.

    In life, people will eventually throw rocks at you whatever you do. But it doesn’t mean you are bad or you’re not good enough.

    You will get hurt along the way, you will be surrounded by negativity and pressure that will either make you suffer, feel unwanted and demotivated. But in order to move forward, you should learn how to think in a positive way despite things that keeps on happening to you.

    You know what’s a secret to every successful person? They drink a shot of happiness every day. They continue walking on their path regardless of what kind of storm is coming in their way. When people continuously talk negatively about you, it means you are doing something right. Continue hustling and move forward.

    Remember, if you cannot change your situation, change the way you think. It will make everything 100% better.

    Cheer up, you are good enough.