• i_am_pharteemarh 6w


    Hopelessly I woke
    Staring deep at the bright sky
    What is the faith of today?
    For it, I got no response

    Static I hate to be
    So, I moved

    What is next?

    Struggling, all I could do
    In a state of hardship
    Bothered less about haters
    Striving so hard, for the world is mine

    I proceeded in the journey
    Heavy tasks is all I faced
    Realizing the period of ignorance
    Which alot have pass
    Through the careless blowing air
    Never can it be regained

    Stand still the brain
    Then, I found my lost soul
    In the jungle of ignorance
    Proceed, with the efforts
    Either! Man fails to praise
    Working day and night
    But, in vain it was

    What have I done wrong?
    Haven't I tried enough?
    Why difficult to fly like a bird?
    Without interrupted by it's fellow?

    Powerful they prove
    Meanwhile, forgetting they are
    Life is not meant to be
    Like a rock difficult to break
    But soften it should
    see what life has offered me