• preetikrishna 10w

    (all the amazing dancers)

    I was 4 when I first stepped on the stage to perform, it was during the Teacher’s Day celebration of the year 2000 at my kindergarten. Everything changed in my life from that moment. The very next day my father got me into Guru Kelu Charan Mohapatra Odissi Research Centre! 2 years later, I gave my first group performance! That was around 2 decades back. Yet the amount of anxiety, (when you feel butterflies in your stomach), the fear of forgetting steps or making a mistake, losing your balance is still the same.
    Dancers are just appreciated for being graceful, for having an amazing timing, for their eye gripping expressions, for their postures. Rarely are they appreciated for fitting into a plus size costume with the risk of being pierced by safety pins all around their skin, for all the pain they hide through their expressions during their menstrual cycles, for all the times their head gear (tahiya) slips off, for every time they step over a fallen piece of jewellery and act like that’s no big deal, for all the times they step over moist flowers and try hell hard to not lose their balance or grip over the stage, for the all the times they dance for over length routine and they are thirsty but pretend like they are all cool!
    Dancers are not born, they are built.
    So to all those dancers out there, you are exceptionally strong, bold and each one of you is a conqueror!