• adranandi_ 5w

    Once again,
    There was something about the sky. How bird tribes and kites fulfilled that elephantine !

    Oh look ! That's my cotton candy hurling by. Somedays my dear, she did believe her unicorn would come, come down on earth, to take her away, away from every theory of land.

    Butterflies seemed scary, the black winged ones!
    But flying demands courage my love. As Living isn't enough ! without freedom, sunshine and a flower.
    And that's how "courage wears her beauty".

    Remember it was 'Darkness' who showed you the existence of stars?
    Likewise, rainbow came amidst life through blinks of sunlight.
    For Creation can be witnessed both in shades and colours !

    You are a wanderer! since your thoughts enjoy the cloud-rides. You find home in the air. How the sadnesses disappear whene"er you stare at the duck..
    They comfort you for an ordinary time. Because once they promised to watch you from the up.

    When the paper boat caused to sink, the rain recalled everything.
    But the air was not the same anymore my friend, because you lack dreaming !
    The sky never left you, it's you who no more endure memories.

    The zeroes hold honour and the clouds are constant.

    "Admire the little things
    And you will do more then living."

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    The ether holds goodness
    You just ought to see like before