• ihopeicouldhideforever 11w

    Did you know how much my fondness grown ever since I laid my eyes on you? It was a day trodden in my mind, which I don't know why it still remains in my memories. I clearly remember the first time I've walked closer to you and known you. Even the colors you wore that day, I can recall. You were wearing plain black T-shirt and red shorts. Your skin was shiny as Chinese porcelain. Your face was fluffy that I wished to pinch. Your teeth was crooked but it was what I loved while looking at you. The innocence you wear that day, and with your cutest smile I can't forget. We played that day, along with everyone else. I was so alive and different. I became a happy kid and I am grateful for all the times we shared our laughter. At that summer, I spend my best and last days of my childhood. After that summer, I was send away to my grandmother's. And I'm sorry, I didn't even able to say my goodbye. Our story was so short but real. You live a few steps away from me, how I wish I could turn back time. We were never the same back then, I didn't want to be a stranger to you.

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    Life is beautiful, including the tears.