• mariah_doughnut 9w


    Your school bell goes off and an announcement is heard, "All children and staff we are on lockdown this is not a drill report to your classes. "
    Fear runs through your veins but your friends laugh, and one says "Come on let's go into the halls, I bet this whole thing is a fake. "
    Your other friends nod in agreement and start walking. One of them turn around to ask if you're coming.
    You knew this was not a drill and that you were shaking with fear, but their pressure made you give in.
    As you all walked a shot could be heard. All of you froze. Suddenly it became clear this was real
    Your friends scattered and started yanking on all the doors but they were locked
    Running steps could now be heard coming closer to you
    The hall you were in had ended. A man wearing a hood appeared at the end of the hallway. You all screamed. The man now walked twords your friends and you.
    And before you knew it your life flashed before your eyes and you were out.
    The next time you woke you were in the hospital. You were in a coma for 3 years. No one was on the room. You took in your surroundings and saw out the window it looked to be around midnight.
    You peered at the corner of your room. The same man from the lockdown was standing there.
    You screamed into the silence of the hospital night.
    A nurse ran in and you were sweating. When you told her about the man she checked the room and told you there was on one and you were probably hallucinating. She left to get you a glass of water and to inform your family of your health.
    When the door shut the same man stood there with a grin.
    "Don't you understand? " He asked.
    "Its been three years. In that time I was killed. They can't see me. "