• kanchan_prats 31w


    When I cried after the fall,
    You pacified me with a doll
    When I was scared of the dark,
    You were always my spark.

    When I threw tantrums to have food
    You made me eat it telling I'm good
    When I was scared of the dog
    You made me like it with empathetic epilogue

    When I was drenched in the rain
    You dried my hair after threatening with a cane
    When I was upset about anything
    You prayed for my well-being

    When I gave up with a sigh
    You encouraged me to dream high
    When I was lost in life's map
    You were always my north star

    When people criticized you don't have a son
    You answered I'm the daughter you always wanted
    Such great is your love for me
    And I can't love you any less Mummy