• chupi_kalam_se 10w

    Broken but Beautiful 2

    Season 2
    In season 2 we saw the different Sam and Veer . Sameera had turned into self loving girl who had made herself the main priority .
    Veer on the other hand had welcomed Debby in his life and his whole world revolves around Debby.
    They both met again but they both have their partners in their life.
    But one night changes the equation between them.

    Sameera always have feelings for Veer but this time she said no to him because she doesn't want to heart Ahan and become same as Kartik. She had a guilt and fear in her mind.
    Saying" I love Ahan " 20 times a day doesn't make her love Ahan from bottom of heart.
    This things lead her into marrying Ahan. But Ahan being her best friend respected her feelings and keeping his feelings aside send her back to Veer.

    But not everyone get such a friend or a partner in their life. So it's our responsibility to never run away from feelings because of the fear of the past or anything..
    We should confess our feelings before it's late..