• luispabon 5w

    Her Pussy

    The girls write poems
    bout playin' in their pussy

    Strum the chords like silent guitars
    That hum gently at first

    Then scream a violent moan.
    How the mouth screams louder when covered

    A spring held too tightly
    Once released now flies too quickly

    Dangerously to some unknown place
    Searching for what it lost to religion

    Fear, submission, belief
    Her body is an agnostics music box

    Full of magic
    Seen as more trick than cure

    Sometimes she does it for herself
    Sometimes for the boys

    The girl writes poems bout playin in her pussy
    So the world hears her when she cums

    Her keys to the kingdom
    Her heart secretly waits on

    Her pussy not just meat
    Not just baby birthing chamber

    Not just blood leak
    From monthly menstrual cycle

    Her pussy is a new way to scream
    A new way to say "I am here love me"

    Or at least leave me alone
    So I can write about it.