• jeelpatel 9w

    (War)tex / Vortex

    You do close your orbs,
    Put your spine relaxed on couch
    Humming sound from
    fabricated steel fan
    on that flat body
    of ceiling
    Fills your ear tunnels quickly,
    And its round motion makes
    Rhyme with your inner vortex

    Vortex of emotions
    Adressless anxiety,
    Rumbling restlessness,
    Far-fetched feeling that everything
    Matters at one moment,
    An impetuous story you write
    That nothing does matter
    At other moment

    You just run midst those
    Topsy turvy veins which kiss
    Your squishy muscles
    With that speed on that veiled
    Speedometer of vortex
    You just try not to be hobbled
    As your vision wants to
    Touch the main door
    Which can get you out of it

    Your senses turn insentient
    Not dead enough
    You just feel overlapped by
    Those aimless billows
    Pitched by that mixture
    Of emotions, of undefined
    Disasters of feelings
    And you just still run fast
    To come out of it
    But alas! you just drowned
    Away on another planet

    Suddenly you cause
    Breakup of your eyelashes
    And find yourself
    Under the strong roof
    Above the comfortable couch
    No vortex is there,
    But you just get to know
    Why are you afraid to sleep
    Afraid to see reality in between
    Closed orbs, on that
    Dark screen.