• tanvi_panda_007 6w


    May be I can't see things,
    But I'm the same like other beings.

    May be I'm on a wheelchair,
    There's nothing at which you stare.

    May be I look somewhat different,
    But from my heart I'm transparent.

    May be I learn things a bit slow,
    But this is how I grow.

    May be I need extra care,
    But this is because I'm rare.

    May be I want someone to feed,
    But your love is all what I need.

    May be I could understand you never,
    But I won't be a trouble for you ever.

    May be I'm differently special,
    But I'm soft as a petal.

    May be I'm not meant to be like you,
    But I want to be a part of this world too.

    Tanvi Panda