• gilbert 9w

    An angel and a devil walk into a bar

    Hell fire
    They say
    Sulphur, brimstone,
    So terrifying
    Temperatures above the ones we experience on Earth
    They describe
    Agony, pain , darkness , loneliness , still cages, worms
    They utter eloquently
    Thirst for a drop of no water
    They preach
    Makes you wonder ...
    So God created me so that when I sin and not repent?
    That is the purgatory He takes me ?
    Would a God so loving let me go there ? Through that bottomless filthy pit ?
    All in all you don't realize that
    As much as heaven is nowhere......now here
    As much as heaven starts here on Earth
    So does hell ...
    See that's the paradox of this life
    You keep on competing against others instead of yourself
    You keep contemplating on how you'll not repeat telling lies
    Yet the following morning you make an outright lie
    You keep on saying in your prayers may your will be done
    Yet you don't have any idea that your will is His will for you
    Even He further tells you ask and it shall be given unto you
    Be it unto you that which you want
    But you are so blind folded that you can't see the forest for the trees....you cannot see the bigger picture
    You go back to that paradox you're in already
    The paradox of faux hues and ephemeral promises....those of I'll do it tomorrow when you can do it now at this moment
    What if there is no tomorrow ?
    The battle is of the mind - inside your own head , your thoughts
    That hell they warn you about is inside your head, inside your heart ...the cages are inside you ...yes you ..
    And if you don't win the battle against yourself ...
    You are in hell and coming out is never going to be a walk in the park... because those cages are smoking hot , those paradox keep making them deeper, darker, lonelier,thirstily ...filthy
    All the demons they teach you are not six feet under
    Neither are the angels six feet above
    They all live inside you
    So I ask again
    If both an angel and a devil walk into a bar ....