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    Aegean Angel

    A mermaid, in a celeste tunic,
    Is waiting for those waves,
    And pelagic ripples,
    To cast her away in the world,
    Of those maritime faeries,

    She is the angel with a lyre;
    Whose strings are spun from gold,
    She plays canorous songs,
    Summoning those wading pisces,
    And iridiscent seahorses,
    To savour mellifluous warbles,

    The sunbeams glisten fulgently,
    On her coronet of sea shells,
    Turquoise; she adores the tint,
    She splashes the colour pale,
    On her satiny silken veil,

    The Prussian Queen dreams,
    To be wild as the troughs,
    And to be mild as those pearls,
    Birthing from white oysters,

    Miracles; she still believes in them,
    And she inks her poems,
    Ashore she flows her words,
    In tiffany sea glass bottles,
    As the sky dresses a Berlin gown,
    She drifts into dreamland,
    Becoming one with the Aegean Blue.....

    //I ain't a fairy with magical wands,
    But I am a girl, with twinkling eyes and caring hands,
    Who aims to create peace and love,
    In this magical universe//

    © tejaswini_3



    Celeste : A shade of blue
    Pelagic: oceanic
    Maritime: related to the sea
    Lyre: a musical instrument
    Coronet: a small crown
    Aegean Blue: a shade of dark blue, similiar to indigo.
    Berlin gown: (here it means, night)


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    Aegean Angel