• shehomeschooled 5w

    I know you're lying when you say you care
    I've seen the texts between your friends
    You aint never want me there

    Sometimes i wonder what i did this time
    Did i hurt you in some way or are you
    Really lying?
    I give you everything i got but you're just actin

    Every time i see you
    You bring back the memories
    Saying stuff that im not over
    Or dont wanna remember

    Tell you to stop but you just keep on going
    Feel like you just wanna hurt me
    dont know what im doing
    Trying to make you feel ok
    But take a look around
    Don't you see im the only one
    That hasn't walked out
    Ill be here if you need me
    But when im there for you
    You say that im greedy
    Only want stuff for myself
    Never think of others
    When im sacrificing everything
    For your own wellness
    Clearly you cant see it
    You only see that im selfish

    Think about you all the time
    You dont know whats going on in
    My mindset