• radhamohanmishra 4w

    The space of our mind is generally occupied by different persons,things,situations,job etc throughout the time.Some spaces are permanently occupied by our family members,friends,job and possessions of this life.Rest of the spaces are occupied by our past,present and future.Present occupies a very little space in the mind of most although present needs the whole space.It is because most of the people generally lives in the past or future.Past can't be changed and future is not in our hand.Present decides the future.Whatever is to be done,it is to be done in the present. So that future will be better.Those who live in the present are more happier than others.They are free from the burdens of past and future.Most people believe in God and to a certain extent they depend on Him mentally.If a person would give a deep thought to it,he will find that God do not have a permanent space in our mind.We give Him a space in time of our need or in a traditional way.But it is absolutely true that if a person allots a permanent space for God Almighty in his mind,then he will no longer feel insecure in his life.God will take over the burdens of his Mind for sure.