• osasokoroma 11w

    My crisis

    I am convinced that there where fires that didn't have to born.
    Battles that Could be prevented, and entanglement that we may regret.

    I fret to sit on the bench because I know often men who where cursed for a flaw are Fighting and cursing the flaw.
    There are battles where soldiers cry hoping the war will be over and life had to be one of them.

    It's easy to be a man and probably easier to be a tree.
    What's worse your most often cut down and burnt to ashes , just as a tree.
    Criticizing my outer man and the games we all played, but that won't stop the rain from falling.

    I have failed and failed, but it proves to me that av tried and tried.
    So victory's come late as the boss chooses to administrate.
    While we do best people cut us with their tongues for least wrong.
    Nevertheless their are critics and there are doers, as I walk on thorns crying, I say..
    Won't I rather be a doer?