• rebel_writes 22w

    She's found the perfect man
    Someone who understands
    Never stressing her
    Pretends he cares about her
    They get married
    His kid she carried
    All of a sudden
    She became a burden
    Cause she added a little weight
    Suggested she watches the things she ate
    Started dropping hints
    Brought it up by every means
    She decided to talk to him about it
    Then it happened, she was hit
    They've been married for a year
    So she decided to persevere
    There she made a wrong decision
    Running would have been the most reasonable solution
    He hit you once, he'd do it again
    You should run if you have a brain
    You should know it starts with fights and abuses
    And he ends up leaving you with marks and bruises
    This is to create awareness
    For those in this situation I wish you peace and wellness
    Just do what you have to, avoid further damage
    Don't be another fool who tries to salvage an already broken marriage.