• bobbycneis 23w

    Picture framed angel

    The way the Moonlight reflects your beauty makes your whispers sound better in the dark which magnifies the place no one knows how to reach, like your eyes do loves work of art

    Spellbound by your fashion you choose to express yourself unique
    I'm drawn to you like a lost treasure on a map only revealed to me

    frantic lions roaring emotion wide and you panic by the storm raging inside
    and when your head's on my chest that beat alone you confide in for life

    Strife stricken as pain is hidden but I see through your glass Mansion Walls
    you face me to distinguish truth and lies and that's when I answer your hearts call

    fall for me and I will catch you cuz your statue would crumble like a pastry
    so I take you in like a picture frame and you're the angel that reshapes me.