• lefthandedintrovert 23w

    One day you will encounter love like you've never met before. He'll bring you to sites you only read in romantic novels and touch you in places that evoke emotions you never knew you had in you.
    You'll wait for his call like your life depended on it. Dream of him every night and wished he'd stay by your side every moment of every day. For awhile he'll be your heaven in this lonely world. He'll bring laughter and dry your tears. You'll wish for nothing more except to be with him if not forever until the last breath of your current life.

    But he'll break your heart unexpectedly and cause wells of tears to flow. You will be hurt terribly. Numbed from the pain you retreat to one corner, gather your wits and then ask, "How could this happen to me? How could somebody ruin something so beautiful?"

    But it happens. Shit does happen. It happens in the best of relationships. After all sin started nowhere else but in heaven.

    How your relationship will flourish or falter depends on how you handle his first mistake. Nobody's perfect and that includes him. Sometimes the reason why love stays and grows has little to do with faithfulness and honesty. Sometimes all it takes is a forgiving heart to keep that flame burning.