• shourya_ 23w

    Sometimes it's more about being anonymous for it brings out what usually remains unspoken. Being devoid of identity is the scaffold on which true freedom actually stands.
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    The anonymous

    I'm a screamer into the void,
    The void is dark-an abysmal pit.
    With no one to hear me on the other end,
    No one to judge, admire or condemn.
    And cathartic it is to speak even louder,
    For there's no echo to strike me back.

    I'm a lover of night,
    Dark, black and of motionless kind.
    With no eyes at me, or piercing stares.
    No scornful smiles, or sneering glares ,
    I feel unfrettered from my insecurities.
    For I am liberated of the masks I wear.

    I am a poet of invisible clouds,
    The writings need no ink, just the thoughts.
    For penning down is an ugly venture,
    As ink is eternal,either venerated,or shunned.
    So I'm content with my cloud of thoughts,
    A moment here, then gone, rebellious, yet unknown.

    I'm a seeker of the null,
    The inception of all great thoughts,
    Or the destination of all great falls.
    The origin of man , love and light.
    Into nothingness lies the ultimate truth,
    Of conceptions mystical,and realms unknown.

    Unknown I like to be in this world,
    Identity is a threat , so I dont have one.
    Treading this earth, I am a fortified soul,
    With no fingers pointing, or heaps of cuss. Nothing can haunt me, now nothing scares,
    So I take the higher throne,
    For I see you, but you see none.