• misstalitha 5w

    Not a Poem, she said...

    I am here but I am there and I know I am lost in confusion
    I thought I was healing by fleeing but I thought wrong
    Every choice I made has taken me one step away from my truth
    Now my new truth is shameful even I am ashamed of me
    I took all of my hurt with grace
    But just when I thought I was whole
    I started a new path way too early
    Something similar, strangely unique
    Very scary but worth trying
    I am not controlling my pace
    This in it wholeness scares the life out of me
    I am not this person but it looks like I can be anybody with the right motivation
    Wait, I am not saying I have sinned
    I am saying I have lost control by riding the waves
    I have allowed life dictate like a prayer less child
    I have given up the will to control
    Even here where life drives I can see grace but it shouldn't be so
    Because I know who I am
    But In all of my personalities I am but an angel in disguise
    Trying to find her way back home