• jodoes12 5w

    All I wanted

    This isn’t gonna taste nice cold
    All I wanted was your hand to hold.
    At least there’s no pain because of the pills that I’ve swallowed
    I’m not gonna apologise or explain why my heart is hollow.
    I’ve got no expectations for it to be fixed.
    All I wanted was those two, little blue ticks.
    But I’m sure you’re never going to answer me.
    And that your heart is playing hide and seek.
    I’ll sit with my eyes closed, I’ll count and I’ll cry.
    I’ll scream the fucking stars out of the sky.
    I still ask myself and wonder, why oh why?
    Why does love always make me want to die?
    But I’m glad that you’re home and you’re happy
    Even though it’s with her and not me.
    Cast me aside like I’m the dice in your game
    All I wanted was to be the sunshine in your rain.