• surreal 23w

    I was loved

    Its raining today,
    but instead of gladness
    it’s pouring sadness,
    As fallen recollections
    of you awakes.

    I found a friend, i found a
    a lover in you.
    you drew me with the cord
    of love and thus you bound
    me to you.

    I was lost before,
    my soul dwells in darkness,
    as i grew weary in life’s race
    driven madly by its hurried

    But you extend your hand
    to me regardless of the cost,
    you promised you would
    surely give much more than
    of what can be lost.

    You redeemed my life
    and gave it back to me,
    With so much love that you
    gave i live a life of joy beyond
    all compare.

    But heaven, one rainy day,
    took you away from me.

    Now, trying my best to live
    a kind of life of what you would have
    me know, ....of what you would
    have me give.