• experiences 23w

    "So, that's it...You're just gonna walk away after everything....after everything we've been through" i screamed at him, through the pouring rain.

    He turned around and looked at me hr didn't say anything, then looked back up at the sky

    "Say something then you coward. Or are you scared.....are you scared to scar my heart more than it already is, are you scared to leave me broken and cold? Are you scared I'll find a another guy who is better than you ?"  She screamed as tears started to roll down her cheeks

    He looked at her one last time and turned around. "Yes I'm scared you'll find someone better than me, you deserve so much better than me, can't you see that. You deserve a guy that's gonna give you the stars, when I only gave you the moon. A guy that will treat you like a queen.......and I can't do that, I can't continue on with my life knowing that I can't give you all that you want, and......and deserve."
    He took one step forward, looked over his shoulder and walked away.