• irene_margherita 6w

    The Cantankerous Elephant

    Splish Splosh
    The water goes
    Out of the tub
    His nanny standing cross
    Just trying to give him a bath
    But he won't stay put.
    He reaches for her
    With his trunk
    But gets slapped by a sponge
    He trumpets and raises
    His humongous baby feet
    His nanny screams
    His nanny soothes
    But Dumbo
    Won't listen
    The cantankerous baby elephant
    His mommy approaches
    And swats his bum
    With her thick long trunk
    But he still won't give up
    He throws a tantrum
    The Cantankerous Baby Elephant
    Now the nanny wise
    Reaches into the basket
    And draws a banana
    He becomes quiet
    The cantankerous baby elephant
    He reaches for it
    And gobbles it up
    All the while enjoying
    The delightful screams of the children
    Watching him
    He stands proud
    Like a hero
    Enjoying all the attention he can get
    Soaks it up like a sponge
    And raises his trunk
    In a mock salute
    Dumbo! The cantankerous baby elephant!