• queenofrealms 9w

    I know it has become boring cause I am boring too �� It's not in a poetic manner as well


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    I love me

    My PTM complaints are quite amusing
    "She doesn't speak in the class"
    "Child, explore the school I want to see you bunking"
    I thinking in my mind " Well you don't know me yet "

    Cheating during exams are quite thrilling isn't it ?
    Well I don't ask but tell the answers
    That's my way

    I can be easily influenced by anyone
    I myself was not knowing about this
    Everytime my friend has to tell me
    Do it this way , don't do like that ....list continues

    I don't like fighting still I love to do it with my brother
    And everytime I lose, though he's younger
    His replies and punches are enough to make me sit quiet
    Even I have learnt how to give witty replies from him

    Everyday I'm trying to explore myself
    Cause I am a mystery left unsolved for me