• jsinghjaisa 37w

    Never give up.

    I have failed more than i now remember,
    I have been criticised since forever,
    I lay the perfect plans and work harder,
    I succeed and then the plans flounder,

    The times go from good to bad and worse,
    The targets seem stupid to people and me,
    Doubts creep up and move beyond me,
    I doubted everything about the life i see,
    In solitude time keeps moving on,

    Everyone judged and decided what I am,
    I silently onto my goals toil on and on.
    No matter how much it takes for me now,
    But a masterpiece of life is what i make,
    They worry of today what i create,
    I worry for the legacy that i have to generate,

    I worry less for what i am doing today,
    I work for the name in eternity to stay,
    For that a lifetime is needed many say,
    A single roof can be built in a day,
    An empire takes ages to create,
    So I keep moving on forward today,
    Because for the empire that i dream of,
    I can never give up, no matter what they say.