• smartsam 10w

    Live life forever young!

    When I see you young
    & you see me perfect too.
    In paradise life eternal
    all happiness & animals also freed from zoo.

    The earth will be refreshed
    again to be real pretty.
    Blessings and perfection
    all humans get in full bounty.

    Sickness will be gone
    no more death again.
    Disease, poverty, injustice nomore any pain!

    Our beloved dead ones
    life will come back.
    No cruelty ruling anymore
    no one will food lack.

    Fruits will be so much
    even on mountain top.
    Tress beautiful flowers
    and nutritious crops.

    Healthy will be all
    no sickness nor any disease.
    Live life forever young
    as illness no more
    death too neutralized!

    Don't worry anymore of
    your dead friends, kins or wife.
    All these shall be ressurected back to eternal life.

    Peace allover earth &
    immense happiness.
    No more worries nor fear.
    Even a small child
    will play with snakes.

    No worries nor sadness
    no virus never cruelty.
    None cheating their brother
    all honest in their duties!

    False information no more
    never again see bad people.
    All loving each other
    living life eternal
    all kind humans humble.

    Our earth will be unified
    no borders, limits or any divide.
    This earth will soon
    turn into a beautiful Paradise!

    Life and our earth
    see soon in new dressing!
    Thanks Almighty God Jehovah
    He gives life eternal blessings!!

    © SmartSam

    Live Forever Young- Actually

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