• alxndr 22w

    I performed this for the first time tonight, so thankful for other other musicians and artists which made the environment welcoming.

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    - Early Riser -

    While all in the house lay asleep
    Under lavender skies
    Allowing their minds to renew,
    Before coffee is made
    Regardless of ache, One is awake
    Allowing for advantage to brew.

    They hear the morning birds call
    Welcome the cricket’s signal &
    Moil at rhythm of their pursuit
    The drop of pen calls for no condolence
    Nor added consideration detour the moment.

    Train horns, whistling tea,
    Echoes from a sonic boom.
    A blanket beneath cool air.
    A time for silence, wisdom & prayer.
    Reset through preparation.
    Connection with inspiration.
    Practice before demonstration.

    Not by talent, luck or good fortune
    Does their action meet result.
    They search for simple truths
    Focus like a surgeon
    Seeking comfort in the ever changing,
    Finding familiarity within the forever foreign.

    For a good future shows many signs.
    Such as discovering silver in every mind
    Gold within each soul &
    Diamonds within the self

    On the shelf,
    We all have a book of opportunity and time
    Some choose to accrue value as others
    Rest their eyes under lavender skies.