• anaya__ 22w


    They say that time is precious and yes it obviously is . But why do we value about time so much inspite of knowing that it does not wait for anyone. It follows its own rules and never stops for anyone then why are we waiting for the so called right time despite knowing that it will just come, not wait for anyone and go away. It will show everyone the best as well worst moments of their lives but this does not mean that one has to be deeply engrossed in his or her bad or good times. Time is crucial and it is the deadline of everything. It will make as well as break you. It will give you success alongwith failure. You will achieve victory few times and defeat which is quite usual. Inspite of all these what all human beings should know is that time is not always good or bad for anyone. All will have ups and downs in their lives and they have to learn to accept it inorder to make a life filled with euphoria.