• nayanjd 9w

    You're going to be 17 for only 365 days. And you could die at 17. When your mom asks if you want to sleep in her bed, say yes. One day she'll be in a hospital bed and there won't be enough room to make up for right now. Stop cancelling plans, go out and use your legs while they work. You're guaranteed nothing. Stop denying affection. You'll never be able to love someone as a teenager at 35. Someone, many someone's, are going to tell you they love you. Don't keep quiet because you've been told it's too soon. If you love them, say so. Be brutally, beautifully honest. Go out and change the world. Fight for peace, equality and change. When you're 70 and can only watch the news all day, you don't want to see the same issues still going on when you had every chance to fight it. Stop romanticizing the "I don't need anybody" and "I don't have feelings" attitude. It's easier to make friends in high school then in nursing homes. Embrace feelings and intimacy. Don't apologize for caring and don't let anybody make you feel for caring even if it's one sided. You're only a teenager for 2,555 days and then you're 20. Life never slows down. Bones become fragile and break, people die and hearts become weak. With every atom in your body, live right now.