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    Nishi Dobriyal

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    Autobiography of mirror

    Hi everyone, do you know me?

    I know you may be little confused that who i am,

    But chill i am your best friend,

    You meet me everyday and your life revolves around me only before doing any work that is important in your life,

    You admire yourself seeing me,

    You cry infront of me during your bad time and celebrate your success by posing yourself in me.......

    For a child i am his astonisment.

    For a teenager i am his first love.

    For the complete man i am the
    reflection of his sucess.

    For thousand of wrinkled face and shivering hand i am his carelessness, sacrifice.

    Yes you caught me, I am a mirror your
    soul reflection..........

    I will meet you soon,,,,,,,,,, for a moment i have to go because a guest of mine has came to blame me because today she did not get admiration from her husband.
    @Nishi Dobriyal