• manju_lata_05 5w

    Sweet Facebook mistake (part 3)

    His sister called !

    Next day,
    We started chatting again.
    Now took one step forward.
    Shared my no. as well as mom's.
    His sister called mom the same day.
    His sister started talking all about his bro.
    Mom listened to her, carefully with a gentle smile prevailing .
    Finally, "we would like to come to visit you and your daughter." Sister said.
    "We will inform you about this by tomorrow." Mom said.
    I could easily guess, that mom was happy.
    Because, the proposal was a good one.
    But, there was only one problem:
    The distance between our stays.
    We were from two different states !
    My family had this one thing striking each one.
    Anyways let's go ahead....
    My mom's kingdom had three important persons:
    Her brother (my uncle),
    Dad's brother (my uncle),
    My brother.
    These three were of the same kind.
    They said, "ok, they want to just visit, no problem let them come. Thoug we don't agree for marriage now."
    So all was set,
    The date was fixed for their coming.

    To be continued.....stay tuned......