• porcelainxheart 5w

    (purely venting now) #muse #joke

    Everything I write
    From here on out
    Feels a mockery of myself
    Everything I write
    From here on out
    I roll my eyes and scoff
    At my poorly misplaced lines
    My basic proverbs
    Terribly simple mind

    Everything I write
    From here on out
    Soaks on the page
    Until it's a giant ink stain
    And it stares back at me
    Patronizing, tormenting
    Ridiculing when I can't find
    The words of the poet I once was
    That I will never be again

    Convinced I have
    A speech impediment
    Or, a brain injury
    What a fucking joke I am
    I can't take myself seriously
    I scrunch my nose up and disapprove
    Thoughts stuck begin to rot
    Like I have a screw loose
    The poetry in me has drained
    Rhyme scheme is all off

    Maybe I've reached
    My expiration date
    The curtains have closed
    Without a round of applause
    All that remains
    Is a rundown woman
    Who's had her day
    A washed up has been
    With nothing left to say


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