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    Depression or Anxiety or any other mental health disorder is not something that the patient can snap out of or just stop imagining. It's something that need to be treated for it to stop worsening futher to such an extent that it can become life hampering. And the first step that everyone who's suffering from it, is to talk to someone and seek help. If you are that someone who wants help, please stop being ashamed of feeling the way you feel or why you feel this way! It's alright, a bit of help and you'll be ok again.
    If you are the one to who that someone comes and talk and says they need help , please don't disregard it as a phase or imagination. Please help them get the proper medical help.
    With everyone looking out for eachother the world can surely become a better place.
    This world mental health day , be informed and not ignorant.

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    There are moments even now when my energy dips, the weight on my shoulders becomes to heavy to bear.
    The shaking of my hands, the cold sweat are merely an outer expression of my inner turmoil.

    The upscaling emotions, the turbulence in thinking pattern are all what cause this "phase" to appear. But it's not something that will go away on its own.
    This isn't something that I can snap out of or just think positively and it can vanish.
    This is definitely not something all in my head, or my imagination.
    These are the signs that show I need mantainance.
    Not just for my body to stop showing the physical signs, but for the inner chemical imbalance to return to normalcy.