• kirito45 5w

    #be yourself doesn't matter whether you're crazy or silly but that's you that's who you are don't change the real you be you and that will always stay true

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    I've always wanted to be in the starlight but it's hard to know when you're not right I know I got some issues inside my brain but when you going tell me that is all okay you never see the real the big picture of this you never really understood when I take a bow and start singing start dancing on the floor you know who the real me is and that's all I could ever ask for is you to give me a chance for you to love me so who I am that's all I'm asking. Is it hard to change your heart just a little even if it's hard can't you just try even for me even for you because all I needed was your love it's all I wanted was your heart but never really thinks when you see the big picture you see the world when it breaks down pieces you still at the breakdown you say you're useless does it really matter does it really hurt just the pain fall into place no I can't take it this far I must show my heart I must show the strength because this is who I am inside this is me this is who I am take a chance take a bow because because because this is me