• tnasty17 35w

    Unlocked Hearts/Trapped Happiness

    I’d move mountains for you.
    The pressure of rocks holding you back from your dreams but I took on that burden.
    Uncovered the diamond in the rough that could outshine the sun and released it from its prison.
    Now I know why the caged bird sings.
    Songs from a recent past that was brutal to the touch.
    Every sad story etched in scars that even the blind could see.
    Braille patterns that pointed out every single flaw within you but I couldn’t let that be.
    You see I opened your cage and took your place because I knew that you needed happiness.
    And no I’m not throwing a pity party but your happiness is what I crave.
    I’m addicted to your smile and it’s a drug I can’t get enough of.
    I’m high off the happiness you radiate and it’s gonna take more than just therapy to stop me from using you.
    So I’ll hide my smile behind lock and key and wield my sword and shield and fight all demons that come your way.
    I’ll walk in front of any danger that my dare dampen your mood.
    I’d risk my own safety for you because
    Because I love you.